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MLA Dougald Lamont, St. Boniface

Thank you Father, for MLA Dougald Lamont. Thank you for the strengths and abilities you have given him, bless him as he is putting these to use for his community. I pray that you would encourage him and his family. Fill their hearts with hope and joy. Provide him with strength and energy each day as he fulfills his duties as an MLA, and as he seeks to love his wife and children well. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Dougald Lamont was elected MLA for Saint-Boniface in July 2018. Born at St. Boniface Hospital in 1969, the third of four children, Dougald was raised in Winnipeg. He has two degrees in English Literature from the University of Manitoba and is bilingual, having learned to speak french at a young age.