MLA Flor Marcelino, Logan

Lord God I ask you to be with MLA Flor Marcelino. I pray Holy
Spirit that you would open her eyes to the Truth.  I pray Lord that you
will help her to use strong godly morals and ethics while in office to vote for
what’s right regardless of which side of the political fence she is on or what
the “popular” or “politically correct” vote would be. I pray Lord that
Your Spirit would rest on her and help her to lead in a way that would honour
You instead of her own agenda, but that she would be for Your agenda
Lord.  Amen
Born in the Philippines, Flor and her family moved to Winnipeg in 1982 and have called Manitoba home ever since. In 2007, she became the first woman of colour ever elected to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, and the first woman of colour to be appointed to cabinet in 2009. She was re-elected MLA for Logan in 2011 and 2016.