MLA Fred Bradshaw, Carrot River Valley

Father, I pray for Fred, that you would be for him and that you would walk with him.  Father, Fred is a man of much kindness and so willing to give of himself to others, for their cause more than for a cause of his own.  He is a man who delights in giving and in kindness, as do you Heavenly Father.  Father reach out to him by your Spirit and pour out on him your ever-loving kindness. May he walk in a place of wisdom and of sound council, and serve from a place of humbleness.  May he be rich in the good things of You Lord and may he be blessed by Your hand. Amen…….

First elected in November 2007, Fred was re-elected in the 2011 and 2016 provincial elections. Fred currently serves Saskatchewan as a member of the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies. Born in Arborfield in 1951, Fred later moved to Carrot River where he still lives. In 1976 he married his wife Terry and they had three children: Lisa (deceased), Morgan and Gina. During his younger years, Fred worked on the oil rigs in the winter and farmed in the summer. Fred has served on Carrot River Town Council, the Pasquia Park board, the Arborfield Dehy board, and as a member of the Carrot River United Church Choir. He has been involved with the Fire Department, as a Boy Scout Leader, and is also a past president and director of the Saskatchewan Aerial Applicator Association. Additionally, Fred served on the founding board of the Northeast Early Childhood Intervention Program.