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MLA Garry Begg, Surrey-Guildford

I bring Garry Begg before you Lord.  He has a big task that is his responsibility in this fast-growing area of our province.  May he be able to use his wealth of experience to help those around him who are hurting and so affected by the current struggles.  May he have the words of encouragement along with successful plans that will help those he is working on behalf of.  Keep him in health and strength and please grant him times of rejuvenation so he can continue doing the work that he is tasked with.  Thank you for him and his willingness to be a part of the leadership of our province.  I ask this in your name.  Amen. 

Garry Begg was elected as the MLA for Surrey-Guildford in 2017 and 2020. He serves as the Government Whip. Garry was a career RCMP Officer serving in various locations and undertaking a wide variety of duties for over 38 years, the last eight in Surrey, where he was a District Commander, Watch Commander, and Operations Support Officer. His years of service and involvement in Surrey left him with a deep understanding of the issues facing the community and he entered politics as a means of continuing his public service. Garry, born and raised in Ontario, is married, with two adult children and two grandchildren.