Lord, we give thanks for the service and commitment of Hon. Greg Dewar as he offers himself in service to the great people of Selkirk and to the people of province of Manitoba. We ask for Your grace and peace to be upon Greg’s family as he carries out his responsibilities in fiscal management, the civil service, crown corporations and with the review of the accountably act. We ask that your wisdom and guidance help him each day. Amen

Minister of finance
Minister responsible for the civil service
Minister charged with the administration of the Crown Corporations Public Review and Accountability Act

“My priority is to keep our community strong, diverse and moving forward – with

quality services and programs that help make life easier and more affordable for local


Greg Dewar brings a wide range of experience to the table. He was born in Selkirk and raised in

Cloverdale, in a farming family. He has worked on the family farm, as a steelworker and as a

businessman in Selkirk. He is the grandson of Ben Massey, a past mayor of Selkirk. Greg has a BA in

Greg was elected as the MLA for the Selkirk in 1990 and was re-elected in 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007.

He has served as the government whip and has been a member of the caucus executive, the House Strategy

committee and the Legislative Assembly Management Committee. In November 2009 Premier Selinger

appointed him the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Finance. He is also Vice-Chair of the

Public Accounts Committee.

More About Greg

  • Vice chair of the Selkirk Restitution and Reconciliation Committee, which advocated the

    re-integration of young offenders into the community.

  • Past treasurer of the Selkirk and District Environmental Organization, a group concerned with the

    environment and meaningful economic development.

  • Former treasurer of the Selkirk local of the Manitoba Metis Federation, founding director of the

    Maurepas Village Housing Co-operative, which built eight housing units for needy families in the

    Selkirk area, and an organizer for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations in Selkirk.