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Heavenly Father we thank you for the Honorable member from River Heights, Jon Gerrard. He has a passion to serve his constituents. We ask that as he serves that there would come a deep conviction and awareness that you have place him in this role for a purpose that is bigger than himself. Reveal your love to him and give him the mercy and grace he needs to lead with your heart. In the name of Jesus we ask, Amen

Jon Gerrard’s diverse career offers a multitude of strengths to his
leadership position. As a scientist and researcher, medicine has been a
dominant thread in his career. Gerrard’s lifelong passion for politics
encouraged a career change where yet again, he has daily opportunities
to make a difference.
Jon was born in 1947. Dr. Gerrard obtained a BA in Economics from the
University of Saskatchewan (1967), MD from McGill University, Montreal
(1971), and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. In 1976, Dr. Gerrard
received his Certificate in Pediatrics from the American Academy of
Pediatrics. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Canada
(pediatrics) in 1982.
Gerrard is an internationally recognized researcher and physician. He
has a rich publication history that explores medicine, science and the
environment. From 1985 – 1992, Gerrard led a multidisciplinary team in
the care and treatment of Manitoba children with cancer as head of
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg.
Jon Gerrard’s political career began when he was elected as the
Member of Parliament for Portage-Interlake. While on Parliament Hill his
positions as Secretary of State for Science and Technology (1993 –
1997) and Western Economic Diversification (1996 – 1997) provided him
with opportunities to promote research, technology, economic growth, job
opportunities and a better future for Canadians. Dr. Gerrard made the
switch to provincial politics in September of 1999, when he was elected
MLA for River Heights.
Gerrard has been a strong voice for the Liberal perspective in the
legislature. His unique perspective, creative problem solving skills,
down to business approach and extraordinary work ethic make him an
exceptional and responsive MLA.
A diverse background – including science and technology, health care
and education, economics and the environment – is an invaluable resource
to bring to the office of the leader. Jon’s understanding and
experience of Manitoba’s rural and urban life and knowledge of politics
and government management in cabinet and federal arenas set him apart.