MLA Hon Robert Wanner, Medicine Hat

we thank you for Robert Wanner:  As he serves as the speaker of the
legislature may he govern with wisdom and discernment.  He has a heart for
those who are vulnerable.  Thank you for his heart of compassion.
May you grant him the knowledge of how to run the proceedings fairly and
equitably.  As he serves as MLA for Medicine Hat grant him insight and
give him favor with those in Medicine Hat.

Robert E. Wanner was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Medicine Hat, on May 5, 2015. On June 11, 2015, he was elected Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
As Speaker he serves as chair of the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services and as president of the Alberta branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.
Prior to his service with the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Wanner devoted 15 years to Canadians Reaching Out to the World’s Children Foundation (CARO), of which he is a founding member and was president from 2000 to 2015. CARO is a Medicine Hat based foundation that is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children in Medicine Hat and around the world.
Mr. Wanner started his career as a social worker with the province of Alberta in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He then enjoyed a lengthy career with the city of Medicine Hat, where he worked for over 35 years in various senior management and executive-level positions, including as director of preventive social services, as the Medicine Hat Police Service’s director of administration and planning and as the superintendent of social planning and housing. In 1995 he was appointed to the executive leadership of the city of Medicine Hat as the public services commissioner, and he then served as a project leader of a major organizational development initiative.
Born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Mr. Wanner has called Medicine Hat home since 1972. He and his wife, Joan Emard-Wanner, have four children and 11 grandchildren.