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MLA: The Honourable Brad Wall – Premier

Lord. Thank you for The Honourable Brad Wall. Thank you for his passion and
commitment to Saskatchewan and to all Canadians. We ask you to bless him and
his family with rich spiritual resources and the daily practice that calls on
you to regularly help. Take his greatest challenges and morph them to resolve.
Give him great progress on the issues he chooses to tackle. Give him
perspective on which issues deserve the most attention. And give him an extra
share of energy and optimism going into the fall season. Amen.

Brad Wall was first elected Premier of Saskatchewan in the November 2007 provincial election and his government was re-elected in the 2011 provincial election.

Prior to his career in politics, Premier Wall was active in his local business community and was involved in service work spanning local events, economic development and health care recruitment.

One of his earliest forays into politics was in the late 1980’s as a founding member and western Co-Chair of the Alliance for the Future of Young Canadians. This was an organization dedicated to promoting free trade.

Brad Wall was born and raised in Swift Current, which is in Saskatchewan’s southwest. He still lives there with his wife, Tami, as well as two of their three children: Colter and Faith. Their daughter Megan is enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan.

He received his post secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan where he earned an honours degree in public administration.