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MLA Hugh Nerlien, Kelvington-Wadena

are thankful for the good gifts that You have given us in quality leaders like
Hugh Nurlien.  As he brings his experience, his learning, his heart to
serve to work with him today, we ask that You would add to that Your divine
help and support.  Bless his life and all that he does today to help and
serve others.  We ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Hugh Nerlien was elected MLA for Kelvington-Wadena Constituency on April 4, 2016.
Hugh was born in Kelvington and grew up on the family farm and in small business in the Greenwater Lake area of Saskatchewan. His education includes a wide range of disciplines including business administration, Canadian securities, certified financial planning, and lifelong learning in oil and gas, insurance, banking, human resource, and a variety of skills development.
After working in Northern Manitoba and Alberta for over 30 years, he saw opportunities in Saskatchewan. He and his wife bought a business in Porcupine Plain to be closer to family and friends and to be involved in a small community’s activities. Hugh recently sold his business in Porcupine Plain and turned his attention to representing the constituents of Kelvington-Wadena.
Hugh has been appointed to the caucus Legislation and Regulation committee, which works closely with the Red Tape Review sub-committee. He is also a member of the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies.
Hugh and his wife Giselle have two sons and one daughter.