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MLA Jason Stephan, Red Deer-South

Father, we pray for MLA Jason Stephan today. We pray that he would be a wise voice, especially in the area of finance where he as so much experience. We pray that his experience and knowledge would be a blessing not only to the Legislature, but to all of Alberta. We thank you for him and his family and we ask that they would be kept safe and that you would show your amazing love to them all. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jason Stephan was elected in 2019 and invited to serve on the Treasury Board. Jason co-founded and served as the president of the Red Deer Taxpayers’ Association and was a board member for the Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce. He is both a lawyer and a chartered professional accountant. He is the founder and owner of CA Tax Law, providing legal tax structuring for private businesses and their owners. Jason graduated as the gold medalist at the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, receiving the William A. McGillivray gold medal in law for highest academic standing in his graduating class. Jason and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of three children.