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Lord, we thank your for our MLA Jim Maloway.  I pray for his protection as he has tried to look out for our protection as a consumer.  Lord, give Jim the strength as he continues to represent the province of Manitoba in our government.  Lord, we ask that you would constantly protect Jim and his family.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

“Manitoba is a better place to live, work and raise a family than it’s ever been. Working together, we can keep building.”

Jim Maloway has represented the people of Elmwood every year since 1986, as both an MLA and a member of Parliament.

As an MLA, Jim fought locally to stop the 18-month closure of the Disraeli Bridge while it was being renovated and now it is being replaced without any significant closure.

A small business owner since 1978, Jim led the development of Manitoba’s Bill 31, the most comprehensive consumer protection legislation of its kind in Canada, which focuses on protections for consumers making online purchases. Jim also acted as vice-chair of the Manitoba Legislature’s public accounts committee and in this role he helped to adopt the best ideas from other jurisdictions to make government more efficient and reduce costs.

As an MP, he introduced Canada’s first air-passenger bill of rights, which protects airline passengers who have been subject to unnecessary delays.

Jim continues the legacy of Bill Blaikie in fighting to ensure that jobs remain in our community, that health care, education and a strong public hydro are defended, and that the constituents of Elmwood are well represented.

More About Jim

  • Holds a degree in political science from the University of Manitoba;
  • Owns Maloway and Eliason Insurance and Travel Centre, and
  • Is a 27-year resident of Elmwood and is married with three children. Jim’s eldest son serves in the Canadian Forces.