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MLA: Jim Reiter – Rosetown-Elrose – Minister of Government Relations, Minister Responsible for First Nations, Metis and Northern Affairs and Minister Responsible for Saskenergy

Lord. Thank you for the Honourable Jim Reiter. We pray you would give him a
significant capacity to lead and develop those government departments under his
responsibility. We ask that you give him the creativity and the political
ambition to protect and leverage. To take every opportunity available in a way
that ensures a pristine environment for future generations. Amen.

Jim Reiter was first elected as the MLA for Rosetown-Elrose in the 2007 provincial election and was re-elected in 2011.

Professionally, Jim has extensive experience in municipal governance. He was the long-time administrator for the Rural Municipalities of Marriott and Pleasant Valley. He has served as director, Vice-President, and President of the Rural Municipal Administrators’ Association (RMAA), as well as executive director.

Among his educational accomplishments is a Senior Certificate in Local Government Administration from the University of Regina. He also served six years on the U of R Senate. Jim has served his community as a Justice of the Peace and marriage commissioner.

Jim served as the Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Education with specific responsibility for the Property Tax Initiative. His report formed the basis for the largest education property tax cut in a single year in the province’s history. Jim served as the Minister of Highways and Infrastructure and the Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Transportation Company.

Jim currently serves as Minister of Government Relations, Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs, and Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy.