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MLA Kerry Towle, Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you today
for MLA Kerry Towle, and we pray that she would have a blessed day. May she
feel your love and peace as she carries out her duties she has been called to
do. Thank you for the kindness and compassion she contributes as she represents
the Alberta government today. In Jesus name, Amen.

Towle was elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for
Innisfail-Sylvan Lake on April 23, 2012. She sits on the Standing Committee on
Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing and the Standing Committee
on Families and Communities. She previously served as a member of the Standing
Committee on Alberta´s Economic Future.

graduate of Innisfail high school and Reeves College, Mrs. Towle has worked in
real estate for the past six years and is an Associate Broker. Prior to this,
she worked for almost 10 years with the David Thompson Regional Health
Authority as the executive assistant to the Nursing Leader. She also worked in
human resources with the department of Indian and northern affairs, now known
as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.

Towle and her husband were turkey producers from 2003 to 2008.

Towle was a strong advocate for her brother Ron who had Huntington’s Disease
until his death in 2010.

served for six years with the Royal Canadian Army Cadets as both a cadet and a
cadet officer in Red Deer and Whitehorse, Yukon.

Towle has hiked the Chillkoot Trail in the Yukon three times. Mrs. Towle and
her family enjoy travelling and have backpacked extensively throughout Africa,
Southeast Asia and Central America. Her family also hosts a Japanese high
school student every year.

15, 2013