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Holy Spirt, over
this next year I pray that
Leanne Rowat
would have the most productive and restful year in her life. May she come to
know that when she trusts and rests in you, you work through her in the
greatest ways. Thank you for her love for her community and her tireless work
ethic. Thank you for her talents and we pray that you would continue to develop
her skillsets so that she can greater serve the people of Manitoba. Draw her
close to you and give her wisdom to make the right decisions. Thank you for
blessing Manitoba with Leanne’s leadership! 

Leanne Rowat was elected to the Manitoba Legislature in June 2003, winning the seat vacated by long-time Progressive Conservative Cabinet Minister Harold Gilleshammer.

While Leanne’s tenure as a MLA has been relatively short, she is no stranger to the provincial politics or the legislature – having previously served in positions with Executive Council, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Education and Training and the Seniors’ Directorate.

In addition to her government experience, Leanne has served on the Board of Directors for the South West Regional Health Authority and worked as the Economic Development Officer for the Souris-Glenwood Community Development Corporation.

Leanne’s community involvement has given her insight into her constituency’s needs, as well as a keen understanding of the challenges the province faces in creating an economic environment that fosters growth and opportunity for young Manitobans.

A resident of Souris, Leanne lives with her husband, Brad, and their two children. During legislative sessions, she splits her time between Winnipeg and her constituency – a challenge that requires her to balance the needs of her constituents with those of her family. 

Away from politics, Leanne enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as golf and canoeing, but, like the majority of Canadian parents, most of her spare time is spent in arenas watching her daughter figure skate or her son play hockey.

And will Leanne’s children follow their mother’s political lead and pursue political careers of their own?

“My parents were politically active at both the municipal and provincial levels, so I was exposed to politics at a very early age and I credit the countless dinnertime conversations we had for shaping my political career,” says Leanne. “My children are being raised in a similar environment, so, I wouldn’t be surprise if they too became politically active.”