MLA Leela Aheer, Chestermere-Rocky View

I thank you for Mrs. Leela Sharon Aheer. I thank you that you have carefully placed her in my prayers so
that I can encourage and provide her with my prayerful support.  It’s
clear that Leela has been given many gifts such as creativity and a caring
spirit.  I pray father that as Leela executes her duties as an MLA
representing those constituents in her region that she will use wise
discernment between right and wrong and that her vote on critical issues would
be directed by her moral and spiritual compass and convictions. I
pray that you would watch over her and her family, protect them and bless
them.  Finally Lord, I pray that Leela be able to use her
creativity and her music to communicate and influence our community as I know
very well that the gift of music and the creative arts can have such a
measurable positive affect on us all. Amen

Leela Sharon Aheer was elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Chestermere-Rocky View on May 5, 2015.  She currently serves as a member of the Standing committee on Families and Communities and previously served as a member of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship.
Mrs. Aheer has been a proud small-business owner since 1998. She has successfully operated a number of small businesses, each employing several people, including the Aheer Studio of Performance and Chestermere’s WestCreek Auto Wash.
Mrs. Aheer studied political science at the University of Calgary for several years before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Manitoba. She is a professional musician and is classically trained in all styles. She plays the flute and teaches voice, piano and guitar.
Mrs. Aheer is an active volunteer, especially in areas of music and the arts. She is known to lend her time and energy to more than 50 events per year and has received numerous accolades for her efforts, including the volunteer of the year award from the town of Chestermere in 2013.
Mrs. Aheer along with her family – husband, Malkeet, and two children, Akesh and Sehran – reside in Chestermere.