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MLA Mable Elmore, Vancouver-Kensington

Father, thank you for MLA Mabel Elmore. We ask for your guidance and wisdom as she and our provincial leaders work tirelessly on our behalf. We ask for your blessing upon her and those she influences toward community and family needs within British Columbia. We ask for that balance of people’s needs, and the economical strategies required to make our province successful in each sector and level. Bless her and her family. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Mable Elmore was first elected MLA for Vancouver-Kensington in 2009, when she made history by becoming the first MLA of Filipino heritage. Mable was re-elected in 2013, 2017 and again in 2020. She is the Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors Services and Long Term Care. Mable is passionate about building community engagement and connecting people around issues that matter to them. Mable has been an active member in the peace movement, and has worked on a wide range of immigrant, social justice, and workers’ rights issues. Prior to her election as MLA, Mable worked as a transit operator for 10 years. Over that time she played an active role within her union – Canadian Auto Workers Local 111 – and led successful campaigns as a transit advocate. Mable attended the University of British Columbia and has resided in Vancouver for the past 20 years.