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MLA Malaya Marcelino, Notre Dame

Father, we are thankful for MLA Malaya Marcelino. Give her vision, discernment and clear direction to best meet the needs of all of her constituents in Notre Dame. She operates in compassion and mercy which you have provided to her. Guide her and give her the strength she needs to continue to walk in this way. May her and her family continually feel your presence, protection, and love. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Malaya Marcelino was elected in 2019. She is a community leader, communications specialist and mother of two young sons. Prior to being elected she worked as communications support to the president of a Manitoba-based agribusiness firm and is working on her master’s in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba. Malaya immigrated to Winnipeg from Manila, Philippines with her family when she was four years old and she is the oldest of 6 children. Malaya’s mother, Flor Marcelino, served as the MLA for Logan from 2007 to 2019 and Malaya’s father was recently made an Honorary Consul General of the Philippines.