MLA Andrew Micklefield, Rossmere

We thank you for Andrew Micklefield. We pray that Andrew would have the courage of Jonathan and his armour bearer. And that like Jonathan he would be able to know what needs to be done for the people of his community and to boldly lead with confidence. We ask that You would bless Andrew and bless his family as he serves the people of Manitoba. Amen…..

Andrew Micklefield was elected as MLA for Rossmere on April 19, 2016. In addition to his ongoing work as part of the Legislative Management Commission, Andrew has served in various roles as Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Health, Government House Leader and deputy Government House Leader and, since December 2017, as chair for a committee appointed by the Minister of Families to review Child Family Services legislation. Andrew and his wife Ruth live in Rossmere with their 3 children. Andrew is a drummer and percussionist and enjoys cooking, travelling and reading.