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Jesus, thank you for raising up the Hon.
Mohinder Saran as the Minister of Housing and Community Development. Give him
the right knowledge to know how to effectively deal with the housing needs
across the province. Refresh him over this next season with your peace.
Throughout his busy schedule we pray that he would find time to rest and
refocus on what matters. Thank you for the faithful service the Hon. Saran has
provided to Manitoba. May he know your great love for him. In Jesus name we

“My priority is to keep our community strong, diverse and moving forward – with quality services and programs that help make life easier and more affordable for local families”

Mohinder was already a well-known community activist when he was elected to represent the people of The Maples in 2007. He is the former Chief Power Engineer for Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation at Red River College. Mohinder is also the former president of the Sikh Society of Manitoba, former director and vice-president of the India Association, and he helped establish the first Gurdwara in the province.

In 2009, Mohinder became a legislative assistant responsible for the Premier’s Office. He is also the Deputy Chairperson of the Committees of the Whole House. Throughout his time in government Mohinder has worked hard to represent all families living in The Maples.
More About Mohinder

  • Born in a small village in the Punjab (India) and moved to Canada in 1970
  • Served as President of the Maples NDP for 3 years
  • Has lived in the Maples for the past thirty years with his wife Kuldip – they have three children