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MLA Muhammad Fiaz, Regina Pasqua

Father, we thank you for the pioneering spirit of Muhammad Fiaz. He comes to Saskatchewan as a “land of opportunity.”Help Muhammad to seek solid advice in his day to day activities and to seek out your will. Bless Muhammad and his family with health. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Muhammad Fiaz was first elected MLA for Regina Pasqua in the 2016 provincial election. He was born and raised in Pakistan where he pursued his education, receiving a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Muhammad and his family immigrated to Toronto in 1995 where they established a thriving jewelry business, one that remains successful today. In 2008, Muhammad chose to move to Saskatchewan where he has worked as a road safety consultant for SGI. Since moving to Saskatchewan, Muhammad has become an active member of his community.  He volunteers his time with Humanity First and also coaches in the South Regina Community Soccer Program. Muhammad is excited to give back to a community and province that welcomed him with open arms.  Muhammad and his wife Attia have three young boys.