MLA Nicole Goehring, Edmonton – Castle Downs

you for Nicole Goehring, Lord.  Strengthen her body and spirit today in all
she does. Give her peace also we ask through this day.  As a busy parent
help her manage her career and her family life God.  Bless this family we
pray in Jesus Name, Amen.
Nicole Goehring was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Edmonton-Castle Downs, on May 5, 2015. She was appointed to the role of Government of Alberta’s Liaison to the Canadian Armed Forces shortly after being sworn in. In her role, Ms. Goehring is responsible for developing, supporting, promoting and sustaining government’s relationship with the Canadian Armed Forces. This led to Ms. Goehring’s appointment to the Edmonton Salutes Committee. This committee works collaboratively to support the military community in and around Edmonton.  
An active parent, she has managed sports teams, has worked on parent advisory committees and has acted as a parent liaison. She holds a diploma in social work from Grant MacEwan Community College (now known as MacEwan University). Ms. Goehring lives in Edmonton with her three children.