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MLA: Paul Merriman – Saskatoon Sutherland

Dear Lord. We thank you today for Mr. Paul Merriman. We pray today that
you would give him a great fall season in the legislature. We ask that you
would make him very effective both in his personal and professional life. Help
him to prioritize and lead well, while keeping the needs of the underrepresented
in mind. Bless him in his family life and give him opportunities to enrich his
life spiritually. Amen.

Paul Merriman was first elected to the Saskatchewan
Legislature in the 2011 provincial election for the Saskatoon Sutherland

Born and raised in Toronto, Paul moved to Saskatchewan with his family in 1988.
His father, Ted Merriman, served as the MLA for Saskatoon Northwest for one
term from 2003 to 2007. His father’s involvement in politics piqued his
interest in politics.

Paul has lived and worked in Saskatoon since 1994. Recently, he was the
executive director of the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre. During his
tenure with the food bank, Paul has worked diligently to increase funding and
decrease costs. Prior to his employment with the food bank, he was employed
with SaskEnergy for eight years setting up a province-wide salvage operation of
used material that generated corporate savings for the Crown Corporation in
excess of $8 million. He has also operated two small businesses.

Paul and his wife, Leane Durand, a small business owner herself, have four