MLA Rick Fraser, Calgary-South East

as Rick Fraser serves his second term as MLA for Calgary South East would you
guide him continuously.  He has served on so many different committees
over the last few years. May you use everything he has done for Albertans
and especially for his riding.  He has had a wide exposure to government
and may you grant him strength, wisdom, and a voice even as one who serves as
an independent candidate.  Watch over his family as he serves in Edmonton.
Fraser was elected to his second term as the Member for Calgary-South
East on May 5, 2015.  He currently serves as a member of the Standing
Committee on Resource Stewardship.  He previously served as Legislative
Secretary, Ambulance Services (reporting to the Minister of Health), as
Associate Minister of Public Safety and as the Associate Minister of
Recovery and Reconstruction of High River.
Fraser also served as Deputy Government Whip. Like so many Canadians,
one of Mr. Fraser’s passions is the game of hockey. Upon graduating high
school, he was drafted eighth overall in the 1994 East Coast Hockey
League free agent draft by the Columbus Chill. He has enjoyed sharing
his love for teamwork and volunteerism by coaching various sports teams
in and around his community.
three and a half years of college, he earned his advanced-care
paramedic diploma in the University of Alberta Faculty of Augustana
paramedic program. Mr. Fraser has served the public for 12 years working
for the ambulance service.
Fraser was a leader in his profession, operating as crew chief in
Calgary and teaching advanced cardiac life support to EMS staff,
physicians, nurses and students at Lakeland College in Camrose. From
2008 to 2010 he served as president of Calgary paramedics. Additionally,
he sat on the Alberta College of Paramedics committee. Mr. Fraser also
advocates for new paramedic students as the practicum co-ordinator for
the Calgary zone of Lakeland College. Born and raised in Calgary, Rick
Fraser and his wife Mishelle are now raising two young sons in Calgary’s
southeast side.