Lord, we lift to you our MLA Rob Altemeyer.  We thank you for the stamina you have blessed  Rob with as he runs the many miles of  practice, and endures to the end, the marathons and long distance races. Lord, bless Rob with the same tenacious stamina  as he carries out the responsibilities of his appointment and elected office. May our province continue to see the passion he has for  families and our surrounding environment. Lord, bless Rob and his family.  May they all experience your everlasting favour on their home.  In Jesus name, Amen.

“Our lakes, rivers, forests and grasslands are an inheritance we cannot afford to squander. By implementing the best environmental laws in Canada, we can preserve our natural environment for generations of families to enjoy.”

Rob was first elected 2003 and re-elected in 2007. He is honoured to represent the diverse and dynamic neighbourhoods of West Broadway, St. Matthew’s, Armstrong Point, Spence and Wolseley. Rob’s priorities at the legislature reflect the priorities of his constituents, including green initiatives and poverty reduction.

Rob’s extensive background working on environmental issues led Premier Selinger to appoint Rob as the Legislative Assistant to both the Minister of Housing and Community Development and the Minister of Conservation. Rob also serves as a Deputy Chair to the Committee of the Whole in the Legislative Chamber.

More About Rob

  • Attended university in North Dakota on an academic-athletic scholarship
  • Completed a master’s degree in natural resource management at the University of Manitoba, where he also played a key role in bringing recycling programs to the University of Manitoba and went on to become its first Waste Prevention Coordinator.
  • As a student, co-founded the Global Change Game, an internationally recognized world-issues education workshop that toured extensively across Canada and which has since been transferred to OXFAM for international distribution.
  • Volunteers every year as Coordinator of Composting Program at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.
  • Completes at least one half marathon race every year and has competed at the national or international level in three different sports: hockey, baseball and ultimate frisbee.