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MLA Steven Bonk, Moosomin

Father, we thank you for Steven Bonk and for the wealth of knowledge that he brings to the role of serving the people of Moosomin. We ask for health and protection for his immediate family and for the extended friends and family that he has here in Canada and in other countries. Father, we ask that from day to day you would provide him with clarity on his priorities and wisdom in the difficult decisions and choices he will be asked to make and the ones he will be asked to provide input towards. We ask you to establish a greater role yet for him. We ask that the role for him will be something he will undertake with joy and grace. Amen.

Steven Bonk was elected as MLA for Moosomin in 2016 and again in 2020. Steven has extensive experience in the domestic and international agribusiness fields. He has worked on four continents as a consultant in agricultural management and policy development. Steven has also worked as an advisor on international trade and market access. Steven can speak four languages, facilitating his participation on international round table discussion panels and he is a recognized speaker at agribusiness-related events. Steven is also actively involved in his family’s custom grazing and livestock business near Wolseley. Steven, his wife Candace, and their daughter, Emma, are fifth generation Moosomin constituency residents.