MLA Ted Marcelino, Tyndall Park

Today we pray that your blessing would be upon Ted Marcelino as he serves
as MLA for the community of Tyndall Park. His passion is for families and
his desire is to have multiple opportunities for family life and safety in the
community is the very heartbeat of this man.   
We ask that as he serves in this capacity you would lead and
guide his steps, we ask that you give him clarity of mind as important
decisions are made. We pray for health, & strength as he attends his
daily duties. Place a hedge of protection around Ted and his family and may you
give him direction and guidance as he makes decisions for the community.
In Jesus Name. Amen
Ted was first elected as MLA for Tyndall Park in 2011.  He and his wife Corie have been married for more than 40 years and have eleven grandchildren.