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MLA Travis Keisig, Last Mountain-Touchwood

Father thank you for creating Travis Keisig with a great smile and a jovial nature. You have prepared him to make people at ease and to bring peace and comfort to those who are struggling in the moment or suffering long-term. Father expand his influence. We prayerfully seek clarity for Mr. Keisig on the important issues, roles and portfolios he is to focus his mind on. Help him to know what to set aside so that he can effectively focus on the very best things that you have planned for him. Amen.

Travis Keisig was elected as the MLA for Last Mountain-Touchwood in the 2020 provincial election. He was born in Balcarres in 1972 and raised in the RM of Tullymet No. 216, where he still resides and farms today. He and his wife Sheila have two daughters, Shannara and Sharlize. Travis served several years in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, 16 Medical Company. After this, he enrolled in the welding program at SIAST and then worked as a pressure welder in the oil and gas sectors. In 1999, Travis and his family moved back to the RM of Tullymet. Travis has sat on many boards, including Ituna Silver Spurs Lighthorse 4H Club, Ituna School Community Council, and Wyber Hall Committee. Travis grew up as a 4H member and later became a 4H Leader. Travis currently serves as a member of the Standing Committee on the Intergovernmental Affairs and Justice.