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MLA Uzoma Asagwara, Union Station

Father, thank you for MLA Uzoma Asagwara. May they be a blessing and encouragement to their riding, as well as to the legislature. May their experience with helping youth with mental health and addictions shine brightly, as they aim to make Manitoba safer for all people. We ask that your peace and grace would be upon them as you guide them in all that they do. Amen.

Uzoma Asagwara is a Nigerian-Canadian elected in 2019 as MLA for Union Station representing the New Democratic Party. Their election was a historical mark in the country, they are one of three black people in the 150-year history of the Manitoba legislative house. Asagwara has worked in Canada as a psychiatric nurse specializing in adult and youth mental health and addictions, and has been a community activist in Winnipeg. The Nigerian-Canadian is not only a politician and activist, but is also an athlete.  Asagwara was a member of the Canadian national women’s basketball and acts as a mentor for youth athletes in downtown Winnipeg. They are a grassroots community activist, educator, entrepreneur and mental health advocate and currently serve as a member of the Women’s Health Clinic board of directors.