Dear Lord, thank You for MLA: Warren Steinley. We ask that You bless he, his wife, and their son with health and peace going into the Christmas season. We pray that You will continue to give Warren a compassion for the people of Saskatchewan as well as wisdom and vision in how to be the most effective in helping them. Give him also an increase of opportunities that will allow him use his talents and his connections to the best advantage to better people’s lives. Amen.

Warren Steinley was first elected in the constituency of Regina Walsh Acres in the 2011 provincial election.

Warren grew up on a dairy farm near Rush Lake where he did everything from milking cows to marketing breeding stock at exhibitions across Western Canada.

Warren then graduated with an Honours Degree in Political Science from the University of Regina where he was a member of the Cougars Track and Field team. He also co-founded the local Saskatchewan Party Campus Club.

After university, Warren combined his farm background and his commitment to public service by spending a summer as an intern in the Minister of Agriculture’s office in Ottawa. He then worked within the Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification’s office during the fall of 2008.

Warren worked in various government roles with the latest one being Director of Research in the Caucus office prior to being elected on November 7, 2011.

Warren, his wife Larissa and their son, Nickson reside in Regina.