MLA Wayne Drysdale, Grand Prarie-Wapiti

In your great mercy, you have used
tragedy in Mr. Drysdale’s life to produce good things in him and through him.
   We thank you for his willingness to serve and have an impact in
the lives of many people.  We pray today that you would bless his life,
his day, his family and his relationships.  Keep him safe and in good
health as he serves his 
constituents and the people of Alberta.
Wayne Drysdale was elected to his third term as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Grande Prairie-Wapiti on May 5, 2015. Mr. Drysdale and his wife, Sherry, live on the family farm in the Grande Prairie area. Their daughter, Jodie, along with her husband, Don, and daughters Tory and Sydney also live in the region. In 2001, following the tragic death of their son, Troy, the family established a bursary for local students pursuing a career in emergency services, fire or EMS in Northern Alberta. To date the bursary has helped fill 49 emergency response positions in the region.