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MPP Andrea Khanjin, Barrie – Innisfil

Dear Lord, thank You for MPP Andrea Khanjin, thank You for the heart that she has for the people and to see change happen.  I pray that You would grant her wisdom from above as she makes decisions that will impact a multitude.  I ask that You would be her guiding light and her strength as she stands for justice and truth.  I pray that You would bless her and her family beyond measure and I thank You for the way in which You will use her to bless the lives of others.

MPP Andrea Khanjin is newly elected to the riding of Barrie – Innisfil.  She is a member of the Standing Committee on Government Agencies and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.  Andrea was born in Moscow 30 years ago, she immigrated to Canada with her grand parents.  Previous to Andrea’s election win as MPP she worked for Patrick Brown when he was a Barrie city councillor and later when he was leader of the PC party.  During her studies at the University of Ottawa and after graduation, she worked for a decade as an adviser to the Conservative government of former prime minister Stephen Harper.

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