MPP Aris Babikian, Scarborough-Agincourt

Heavenly Father we are thankful for Aris Babikian MPP for Scarborough-Agincourt. We bring him before You today asking that he would know Your presence and sense Your peace in the midst of his busy life. Father, may he always realize the importance and far reaching effects of the decisions made by government. Thank You for Mr. Babikian’s faithful service to his constituents. Help him to make decisions that will allow the people of Ontario to live tranquil and quiet lives. Amen……….

Aris Babikian is a retired Citizenship Judge, World Vision Canada Multicultural Council Ambassador, Chair of Levant Settlement Centre, and board member of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. Since 1978 Aris Babikian has been actively involved in the Canadian civil society and Scarborough-Agincourt has been his home since 1991. He is founding and board member of Wishing Well Community Association and Founding member and board member of Willowdale Legal Aid Service. Aris has strong attachment to Canada’s youth and has been Wolf Cub and Boy Scouts leader, soccer coach and youth adviser. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee Medals and Canada’s 125th Confederation Commemorative Medal. He is president of the Armenian National Federation of Canada and the first executive director of the government relations office (Ottawa) of the Armenian National Committee of Canada.