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MPP Belinda Karahalios, Cambridge

Heavenly Father, we thank you for Belinda Karahalios. We pray that her life would be a reflection of Your faithfulness—that in these still-early days of her public service, her desire would be to serve with patience and endurance in her parliamentary roles and representing the people of the riding of Cambridge. Please grant her daily with the ability to dispense her duties well. May she also find a restored rhythm in the day-to-day of home life in these autumn days after a hectic summer schedule. In Jesus’ name, Amen…….

Belinda Karahalios was elected as the riding representative for Cambridge in June 2018.  She has been politically active for years, having volunteered in the campaigns of federal and provincial Conservatives since she was 18. Karahalios grew up in Mississauga, the child of immigrants. Her dad came to Canada from Trinidad as a young man, got an education and had a successful career in investments; her mom is from Portugal. She studied biological anthropology at the University of Toronto, with plans to work in pathology or forensics. But sitting in on her first autopsy convinced her that wasn’t the career for her. Instead, she held various jobs in medical fields, working in sales and patient support, education and advocacy for drug companies and for the Ontario branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.