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MPP Christine Hogarth, Etobicoke Lakeshore

Father God, thank You for Your loving kindness toward MPP Christine Hogarth.  Thank You for her many years of service and her wealth of knowledge and experience in various levels of government.  May Your mercy be upon her and may You continue to lead, guide and protect her.  Grant her heavenly wisdom, divine connections and an increased love for mercy as she serves her constituents.  Let Your Kingdom come to Etobicoke Lakeshore as it is in Heaven.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Christine Hogarth has a Bachelor of Science Degree in political science and public administration. She is the daughter of William Donald Hogarth, who served as a municipal councillor in Shuniah.   Hogarth was chief of staff to John Tory when he headed the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. She was twice elected to the party executive and served as its first female executive director and held two elected positions on the party executive.

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