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MPP Doly Begum, Scarborough Southwest

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.  Thank You Lord that MPP Doly Begum desires to increase in wisdom.  May she grow in having respect and love for You.  May You bless her to be a leader who by her example encourages others to work with integrity and according to the rules of engagement for the betterment of Ontario.  You, Father, have not forgotten the faithfulness of her youth, and You are mindful of her faithfulness.  May Your great blessings be upon Doly as she sets forth to begin afresh this new year.  May You grant her the desire of her heart, to represent her constituents and her family well.  Show her Lord, that Your love never fails and that as she grows in trusting You, You will grant her peace, stability and ability to see her dreams come to pass.  Amen..

Doly came to Canada as a child with her hard-working parents and younger brother. She has lived in Scarborough most of her life. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has a Masters in Development, Administration & Planning from University College London. As Co-Chair of the Scarborough Health Coalition and Vice-Chair of Warden Woods Community Centre, she has worked hard to make lives better for the people of Scarborough.  Doly was the chief coordinator of the province-wide Keep Hydro Public campaign that successfully stopped the privatization of Toronto Hydro and Wasaga Distribution.

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