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MPP France Gélinas, Nickel Belt

Father, thank You so much for MPP France Gélinas, who has represented her constituents for over 10 years. Father, as she works as chief opposition whip and health care critic, we ask that You would give her wisdom and Your guidance.  I ask that she would know in her heart, that she is loved by You as You reveal Yourself to her.  That she would know she is in her position for Your purposes.  Father, teach her to look to Your love, Your gentle and truthful love as a guide for how we should all love others.  Grow in her a love for her constituents, her co-workers, and even those in other parties.  May she be an instrument for Your will to be done.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Since elected as an MPP in 2007, France has consistently been one of the top five MPPs at Queens Park, in terms of bills introduced, bills passed, times addressing the legislature and words spoken. As Executive Director of the Community Health Centre in Sudbury, France oversaw the expansion of Health Care services to many small and rural communities. Effective advocate for Nickel Belt residents on important local issues, such as Health and long term care, small and rural schools, water protection, and helping small businesses.

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