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MPP Hon Steven Del Duca, Vaughan

Father we thank you for the Hon. Steven Del Duca. Thank you for the work he has done to further things that make Ontarians everyday life easier with things such as the Highway 427 extension and funding for the Vaughan Hospital and local schools. Thank you that he has been able to win over the support of his constituents, earning their trust and winning both in bi-election and re-election. He brings with him unique experience serving in fundraising and calling for help in the Vaughan area. He clearly cares for the needs of the people where he represents and wants to do what he can to improve their lives. Thank you for his role in government as Minister of Economic Development and Growth. We ask that you would give him the wisdom and insight he needs to know the needs of this province and what he needs to help in them. Please provide opportunities for him to connect with everyday Ontarians so he can see the needs and solutions also from their point of view. We ask you would bless his family, revealing to them that you have created them intentionally and purposefully, also showing them Christ as their savior and giver of mission for them here on earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Steven was re-elected in June 2014 and was recently appointed as Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development.  He first moved to Vaughan in 1987 when his family settled in Kleinburg. Today, he and his wife, together with their two daughters live in Woodbridge.


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