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MPP Jane McKenna, Burlington

Thank You Father for influencing, Jane McKenna, and her family towards right doing.  We thank You that her eyes are opened to the truth of Your word.  Thank You Lord that she is consistent in her decisions and in her position on key issues.  Thank You that she is steadfast in rallying to support small businesses and the needs of the people. We bless her as she speaks from her heart and with sound understanding of the issues at hand.  May You grant her favour to be a voice to those marginalized.  Amen.

MPP Jane McKenna was recently elected as the representative for Burlington in June of 2018.  She was previously MPP from 2011-2014.  Jane is a long time resident of Burlington.  She worked for an advertising firm and founded her own company called Rainmaker Consulting.  She and her husband Tim have raised five children

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