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MPP Jeff Burch, Niagara Centre

Father, thank you for Jeff Burch’s tireless work for the people of his riding. Whatever difficulties he is facing, we ask that you would help him. Give him guidance in making right decisions for the people of Ontario. A life of service can be draining, so we pray that you watch over his health. Remind him that you are always willing to help those who ask. We pray for Jeff’s family as they navigate the difficulties every Ontario family is facing right now. Be their strength today and always (Psalm 106:1).

Jeff is the MPP for Niagara Centre, representing the NDP.  He has a long history as a community volunteer around issues such as mental health and poverty and is a founder and organizer of the Ed Smith Legal Defence Fund and A Better Niagara grassroots political organization. He has experience dealing with multiple Ontario Government Ministries including Health, Labour, Citizenship and Immigration, Municipal Affairs, and Social Services. Jeff is a lifelong Niagara resident. He lives with his wife Linda and son Jackson. Jeff was elected as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Niagara Centre on June 7th, 2018. Since being elected, Jeff has been an advocate for the rights of municipalities, affordable housing, and successfully passed his first Private Members Motion on bringing year-round Go Rail service to Niagara. MPP Jeff Burch serves at the Critic for Municipal Affairs for the Official Opposition.