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MPP Jennie Stevens, St. Catharines

Father, I thank You for the life of MPP Jennie Stevens representing St. Catharines in our provincial parliament. I thank You for the grace You have set upon her as she serves her constituents and the needs of her riding. As she faces situations and concerns for families and businesses alike, may a spirit of wisdom and counsel rest upon her to see tangible solutions. I thank You for protecting and providing for each day of her life. May Jennie know Your grace and love.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Jennie is a long time Merritton-St. Catharines City Councillor, a board member of the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre and a life-long St. Catharines resident.

As City Councillor she spent over a decade working with staff, residents, community reps and Councillors across all political stripes to get things done

Jennie served on the front line staff at the Hotel Dieu Shaver and understands first-hand the impact that fifteen years of cuts to healthcare have had on communities.

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