MPP Lindsey Park, Durham

Father, thank you for this bright young woman who has stepped up to serve the people of Ontario. You know her schedule, how many committees she sits on and the list of responsibilities she carries. Be her strength. Be her guide. Send competent supporters and encouraging people to stand with her. May she feel your love for her and know beyond a doubt that you are going ahead of her, making a way where there seems to be only barriers. You are a faithful God who honours those who put their trust in you. (Psalm 125)

Prior to being elected in June 2018, Lindsey had a diverse civil litigation practice including estate law, financial loss recovery, commercial litigation, and construction law. Practicing from Durham, Lindsey served clients across central and eastern Ontario. Lindsey obtained a Bachelor of Science from Wayne State University in 2010 and a law degree from the University of Ottawa in 2013. After articling for MBC Law Professional Corporation, Lindsey joined the firm as an associate following her call to the Ontario Bar in June 2014. While completing law school, Lindsey worked as an advisor to the federal Minister of the Environment. Outside the office, Lindsey enjoys playing hockey, golfing, and being an active member of the community.