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MPP Lisa Gretzy, Windsor West

Father, thank You for Lisa Gretzky and her passion for life and helping others.  Thank You that she strives to help those who are struggling in our society – especially those who are homeless.  Please give her the wisdom and compassion to serve those less fortunate.  And Father, thank You for her dedication towards health and education for the families of this province.  Bless her as she leads her Windsor West riding. Thank You for her dedication to her constituents. Place wise counsel in her path. May she know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.  And Father, bless her husband and 2 children as they serve alongside of her. Fill their family with joy and love and peace.

Lisa Gretzky was elected as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Windsor West in 2018. A dedicated community advocate, Lisa is an entrepreneur and a long time defender and champion of public education.

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