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MPP Liz Sandals – Guelph

Liz Sandals MPPHeavenly Father, thank you for Liz Sandals.   Like you, she has a heart to serve and does so with consistency and excellence.   Amidst the myriad voices and situations that clamour for her attention, may she discern your priorities and focus accordingly.   Give her grace to say “no” to unnecessary distractions. May she enjoy health in every way – body, soul and spirit. Thank you for her life and influence!

Liz Sandals most recent position was as the President of the Treasury Board, appointed on June 13, 2016.  Prior to the appointment, Liz Sandals served as Minister of Education for three years. Liz has also served as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministers of Health and Long-Term Care, Transportation, Education, Government Services, and Community Safety and Correctional Services.

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