MPP Michael Coteau, Don Valley East


Our Father in Heaven, we lift up Michael Coteau to you. We ask that he may know your love, peace, and joy. We ask that you pour out blessings on Michael and his family, so that others may also be blessed by them. Help Michael to know what path to take and lead him on the path of righteousness. Thank you for all the good that Micheal brings to Don Valley East and to Ontario. We pray that he would have divine counsel and wisdom from your Holy Spirit in areas of government he works in. Help Micheal to know your heart and make the right decisions for your glory. In Jesus name, Amen! (Psalm 67)

Michael was first elected Member of Provincial Parliament for Don Valley East in 2011. In 2018, Michael defeated Conservative candidate Denzil Minnan Wong, Toronto’s deputy mayor, to win his third election serving his North York constituency. He is one of the six Liberal MPPs in the Legislature. Michael Coteau was born in Yorkshire, England. His English mother and Grenadian father immigrated their young family to Canada when Michael was a toddler. Michael was the first member of his family to graduate high-school and university. He became president of the Carleton Young Liberals and graduated with degrees in history and political science. After graduation, Michael worked as an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher, then started a small business in web development and became executive director of a national literacy nonprofit. He ran for school board trustee in 2003 and was re-elected to serve his ward two times. He was elected by his colleagues as vice-chair of the board. Michael and his wife, Lori, have two young daughters.