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MPP Mike Schreiner, Guelph

Lord I pray for Michael Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party.  I thank You Lord that he is an honourable man that wants to help small businesses, farms, and the local communities. Thank You Lord that You give him wisdom, strength, and strategies to help better Ontario. You have strategically placed him in this role at this time to bring You glory and to help better our cities, counties, and our nation.  Thank You Lord that every voice matters and that You are opening opportunities for him to be a part of building a better Ontario, in Jesus name amen.

Mike Schreiner is the leader of the Green Party of Ontario and the MPP for Guelph, the first ever Green MPP elected to the Ontario Legislature.  His wife Sandy and their two daughters are active, spending their free time gardening, hiking, fishing, cycling and volunteering in community activities

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