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MPP Parm Gill, Milton

Our Father, we thank You sincerely for the life and career of MPP Parm Gill. We bless him, his wife beautiful wife, Amarpal and their mighty children Daman, Raman and Parmeet. May they experience great gains for the many sacrifices they have made to make this country a better place. Strengthen them in every area of their lives and allow them to walk in great, increasing and lasting peace in every circumstance. Bless them with the health, wisdom and wealth they need to meet the challenges of everyday. Parm is a man with passion and conviction. Please do not let the challenges of political life deter him from doing what You have created him to do. Give Him wisdom. Speak to him as he leads, innovates and initiates bills, projects and committees so that everything he does improves the quality of life for those he leads.

MPP Parm Gill was recently elected as the representative for the Milton area.  He was formerly a Member of Parliament for the Brampton-Springdale area where he held roles as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs and the Minister of International Trade.  Parm Gill was born in Moga Punjab in India. He moved to Canada at a young age. Before politics, he was an entrepreneur and business executive.

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