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MPP Rima Berns-McGown, Beaches—East York

Father, we place our hope in you today and acknowledge that you alone are able to navigate the complications and difficulties of representing the large and diverse communities of our province. We are thankful for Ms. Berns-McGown and her service to the people of her riding. We pray that you will guide her as she makes decisions that affect the people she represents. May she be aware that she is not alone, but that you are with her, always willing be a helper and guide. Fill her heart and mind with thanksgiving (Psalm 118:1). Amen.

Dr. Rima Berns–McGown holds a Ph.D. in International Politics. She was elected in 2018 and is a respected author, researcher, and former University of Toronto professor who worked with directors and executives to tackle systemic racism in boardrooms across Canada. Rima and her partner David have lived in Beaches—East York for 25 years, where they raised their four children. She was born in Apartheid South Africa, which fueled her life–long work in fighting for the creation of socially just and diverse societies. She advocates for systemic change that creates meaningful inclusion, accountable institutions, and the elimination of all systemic oppression.