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MPP Rudy Cuzzetto, Mississauga-Lakeshore

Heavenly Lord, we pray for Rudy in his various roles and responsibilities, and we ask for strength and wisdom in providing strong leadership and caring support to the diverse community of Mississuaga-Lakeshore. We sincerely pray for guidance as he faces work challenges, and we also give thanks for the resources he has garnered for the region and beyond, such as civil infrastructure and transportation improvements. Our prayer is for more opportunity to collaborate further with surrounding regions, such that the overall area, with its high population, gains from those joint efforts. Amen.

Rudy Cuzzetto was elected in 2018. He is a lifelong resident and now MPP for Mississauga-Lakeshore, where his family’s roots run four generations deep. Rudy grew up in Port Credit, where his original family home is designated as a heritage property – the “Cuzzetto Residence” – under the Ontario Heritage Act. He worked at Ford Motor Company of Canada for the last 31 years, most recently as a vehicle auditor. Rudy now lives in Lorne Park with his wife Marie and sons Michael and Joey. He has served on the local Ratepayers Association – including the Beautification, Education, and Security Committees – and Parent Councils, and as a Board member and property manager at the Mississauga Canoe Club.