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MPP Sara Singh, Brampton-Centre

Lord, we pray for MPP Sara Singh, her family, and her team working diligently for the people of Brampton Centre. We thank you for her talent and energy in serving Ontario through her role as Critic (Seniors, Home Care and Long Term Care) and as Deputy Leader, Official Opposition. We are grateful for a democratic system that seeks for continuous improvement and impacts decisions based on fulsome discussion and diverse perspectives, with outcomes meeting the direct needs of Ontarians. Bless her today and all she holds dear. Amen.

Sara Singh is one of the two current Deputy Leaders of the Ontario New Democratic Party alongside John Vanthof and Opposition Critic for Attorney General since August 23, 2018. Singh was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the 2018 provincial election at the age of 33. She represents the riding of Brampton Centre as a member of the Ontario New Democratic Party. Born in Brampton where her parents met in the early 1980s, her mother is from Guyana and her father is from Punjab, India. She is the first Indo-Caribbean female to be elected to the Ontario legislature. She is the founding director of Broadening Horizons, a not-for-profit organization that educates youth about social justice issues and the arts, was Vice-President of Brampton Caledon Community Living, has a master’s degree in International Development Studies from St. Mary’s University and a B.A. in Political Science from York University, and is completing her Ph.D. in Public Policy at Ryerson University.