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MPP Sara Singh, Brampton-Centre

Dear Lord, You love MPP Singh with an everlasting love, thank You.  May she be filled with joy as she serves Ontarians in her role as MPP and Deputy Leader of the party she represents.  Thank You for being mindful of her and for filling her life with joy and peace.  May Your love and kindness be poured out upon her and may she draw nearer to You.  Father, bless and protect her family and those whom she loves.  Amen.

Born and raised in Brampton, Sara is a multilingual Ph.D. candidate at Ryerson University with a Master of Arts in International Development Studies. She has a long history of local advocacy being the founding director of Broadening Horizons, Board Director at Community Living Ontario, and former vice-president Brampton Caledon Community Living. She has been a strong fighter of local businesses, workers’ rights and she’s committed to bringing families in Brampton-Centre change for the better.

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